Amar Potash


An eco –friendly and safe microbial formulation that improve the availability of potash in soil and suitable for all crops i.e cereals , pulses , cotton , oilseeds , fruits vegetables , sugarcane , medicinal , aromatic plants ,spices and condiment etc .

Amar Potash (Frateuria Aurantia) is the newer microbial inoculant that can be of greater use in reducing the cost of chemical potash fertilizers. Amar Potash bacteria has the mobilizing power so high that it can save upto 50-60% of chemical potassium fertilizer.
Amar potash : afer nitrogen and phosphorus , potash in the only major nutrient required by all crops . potash (k) is the only essential plant nutrient which selflessly works for plant growth , it enhances the ability of plants to resist disease and pest attack , cold and other adverse conditions . potash is essential for formation of starch , in production and translocation of sugars , and is thus of special value for sugarcane , potato , beet root. It improves equality of tobacco , citrus and other fruits , makes grain of cereals plumpy and straw strong .
Amar potash – contains very effective cell mass of potash solubilizing bacteria (fraturia aurentia ) which helps to convert insoluble inorganic potash into simple and soluble from , which is easily available to plants .


2-4 kg /area

  • The entire content of the pack shoud be used at once.
  • Sufficient moisture must be ensured during application
  • Store in cool and dry away from direct sunlight and head.
  • Name of Microorganism:- Frateuria aurentioa
  • Viable Cell Count:- CFU count> 5x107 cells per gm of Carrier Material/Granules Formulation
  • Ph:- 6.5-7.5
  • Physical Properties:-All the material shall pass through 0.15-0.212 mm IS sieve,free
  • flowing having kmoisture 30-40%
  • Mobilizes & solubilizes the unsoluble potassium to easily available form by releasing some organic acid.
  • Increase the yield by 10-20%
  • Quality and yield of the crop.