Fast Zinc


Improves the availability of zinc in soil and suitable for all crops i.e cereals (paddy,wheat,maize) pulses, oilseeds, fruits (grapes,orange & pomegranate),vegetables ,spices and condiments ,flower , cotton ,medicinal and aromatic plants and sugarcane etc . it is an approved input for organic farming as well as sustainable agriculture.

  • Name of Microorganism:- Zinc Solublizing Bacteria
  • Viable Cell Count:- CFU count> 5x107 cells per g of formulation
  • Ph:- 6.5-7.5
  • Physical Properties:-All the material shall pass through 0.15-0.212 mm IS sieve, free
  • flowing having kmoisture 30-40

Fast zinc is a micronutrient of macro importance and it acts as a metal activator of enzymes . its deficiency causes considerable yield losser and plants become prone to diseases initial symptoms start with intervienal chlorosis of younger leaves leading to a reduction in short growth and shortening of internodes mottle leaf , little leaf , etc. In the case of trees are symptoms of zinc deficiency . this is a common problem in alkaline and calcareous soil

At higher PH above 7 , even after application of gypsum , zinc availability becomes a compex problem , as positively charged zinc ion gets converted into a negatively charged zincate complex whose availability tends to be reduced in alkaline soils.

  • fast zinc produces acids and converts the insoluble zinc sulphide , zinc oxide and zinc carbonate into available zn+ through lowering the soil pH and breaking down the complex.
  • it increases the crop yield and improves the soil health by enhancing the nutrient content.
  • Ph:- 6.5-7.5
  • Dosage : 2 -4 kg / acre