Amar Harz


Biological disease control is a promising strategy for managing soil born, seed born and foliar disease in a wide range of crops.Soil borne plant pathogens such as bacteria fungi and nematodes annually create a major economically losses in may important crops.

Amar Harz (Tricoderma harzianum) is a bio-pesticide useful for the management of fungal pathogens such as fusarium species and phytophthora species as well as nematodes.

Amar Harz spore multiply inside target pathogenic fungus body and eventually kill it.

  • Amar Harz fast growing fungus, prolific producers of spores and powerful antibiotics.
  • Ecologically very successful.
  • Protect the crop from Rhizoctonia spp, pythium spp
  • Fusarium spp and Alternaria spp of harmful fungus and also from nematodes.

What it contain

2x108/gm (Carrier)

Recommended Crops

Tomato, Potato, Tobacco, Capsicum. Brinjal, Peas, Cucumber, Sunflower, Groundnut, Sugarcane, Gram, Chillies, Bt-Cotton and Paddy.